Cinnamon laid eggs today


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After 30 days since mating, Cinnamon laid 18 eggs in the bottom of a 12" planter filled with soil. She has been digging for a couple days now, but I startled her the first time, and the second day she got spooked by the auto mister. This morning I shut the mister off, and when I got home from work I discovered the eggs and removed them to a tupperware container with vermiculite and water 1:1. Now I get to wait for 6 months to a year. After removing the eggs I offered her dusted crix which she ate greedily and then I turned her mister on and she had a good soak. The sire is my male ambilobe "Sniper" son of Napalm of Cham co. and Cinnamon is offspring of Zeppo of Cham co.
Hey...if possible.....use perlite as the medium.... i have higher hatching rate when perlite is used. Vermiculite tends to trap too much water and sometimes will drown the eggs. Perlite do not trap water.....therefore is a better medium for eggs.

And now the wait begins...:)

I've used perlite and I've used vermiculite. If you don't oversaturate either one then things seem to work just fine. Or: "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket." and try both :D. With vermiculite, take a finger-pinch amount and squeese it. If you can get a drip to come out of it then it isn't too dry or oversaturated. Use the full container weight to keep track of moisture loss. A 1 gram drop is 1 milliliter loss of water. After a few grams are lost, you can add it back, but just keep it away from the eggs.

I now have the eggs in perlite, 1:1 with water by weight. I noticed the stuff on top where the eggs are is dry and the water settles to the bottom. Will they still get enough moisture? Also, I've read two schools of thought on containers. Some say to not put airholes but to remove the lid periodically for air exchange, while others recommend a small hole. Any thoughts?
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