Chuck Norris finally made it!!


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Well Chuck seems to be settling in well. He was constantly climbing the screen for the first day or so, but I have not seem him on the screen for the last 2 days now. He seems to be sticking to the branches and plants. It is difficult to tell how much he is eating. I have seen him eat several bugs, but I work long hours 4 days a week, so I have to place bugs in the feeder cup before I leave for work. I try to count, but some of the bugs are escaping too.

On another note, I did manage to find a little poop today and it looked great. I can't believe I just typed that sentence. HAHA
ANyway, his poop was nice and dark with pure white urates!! YAY. He has already curled up and is ready for bed, His lights go out in about 15 minutes. I just love sleeping chams, they are so cute!


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I made the mistake of opening this thread and not reading the original post. Then I see everyone compliment chuck Norris and calling him beautiful lol


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I made the trip to pick up my new cham, Chuck Norris, today. It was a long day, roughly 8 hours round trip, but Chuck is now in his new home and doing well. He has already hunted and eaten several rickes and I have even seen him drink. The only thing that I don't like so far is that he won't leave the top screen. He is even sleeping hanging from the top of the cage.

I have to give a shoutout to @Dbash44 for driving to bring Chuck half way. Shipping to Phoenix is VERY dangerous this time of year, so he drove most of the day to meet in the middle and deliver Chuck Norris. @Dbash44 has been great to work with from the start!!View attachment 271899View attachment 271900
I’m happy everything is working out thus far for you! Thanks for being willing to meet up to hand off this little guy. I’m super relieved that we didn’t ship. It was like 110 degrees where we met so I’m grateful we didn’t ship. Totally worth the drive. You’re going to do a stellar job with him I already know it.

But seriously, can I pay to watch this fight? How much are tickets? It’s going to be legendary! 😂


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What a difference a few weeks makes. Chuck is growing SOOOO fast and eating more than I could have imagined. He is really starting to develop his colors and I think he is going to be a beautiful adult. It also looks like his markings are going to be more like his Ambilobe lineage than Sambava, but we will see how that develops.

I also think he is finally starting to trust me. He no longer runs when I open the cage, and actually RAN to the feeder cup today before I had even put the feeders in it. He is also NOT shy about eating and drinking in front of me. He even let me record him eating today. I love watching this guy grow and develop!!


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It is stressful but all worth it
Yes they are very stressful!😂😂 Yesterday Stormy my little veiled chameleon went in between the screen and a branch and it was a very tight space. He started to gape and I like freaked out that he couldn’t breath for a minute, in the end he got out fine. 🙄
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