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Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great holiday.
I am fairly new to this site, as well as being new to chameleon keeping.
We aquired our first baby veiled about seven weeks ago and I have been devouring information almost as fast as he eats crickets!
I decided it would be fun to start documenting this adventure in the form of a blog.
Be advised, you will not learn anything from it as my readership consists of, primarily, friends and family who know nothing about chameleons, but are enjoying reading the story, seeing the pictures and learning along the way.
Anyway, it's fun! Check it out. To start at the beginning you need to go to archives and read from bottom to top.
Hi Brad,

I just read through all 8 chapters. I meant to just glance at it, but it was truly entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

Your new hexagonal cage turned out fantastic. I would love to see a few more details if you have the time to post pictures.

One thing I would like to mention... you said that the room you plan to put Kitty into will hold its temperature at an even 72 degrees. That is fantastic for the day, but a nighttime drop in temperature is healthy for your chameleon. Is it possible to set your baseboard heater up for a nighttime temperature drop?

It is truly refreshing to read about a new keeper who does all the research necessary to take care of these critters correctly.

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I have been thinking about the temp thing.
Right now, in the guest room the night time temp drops to about 65 and all seems well.
The heater is easy to program!
Thanks again for reading, and for your advice.
I will post regularly on this blog and you can watch Kitty's development!
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Hi Brad....very impressive! Glad to see you have done and continue to do your homework. That's a great blog site you started and I just love that cage! I've never seen one like that before.

Keep up and the great work and keep us posted on kitty and the continued adventure!
Just waiting for permission

Hey all,

Just waiting for the breeders permission to post pics of my veileds parents and his web address.
The father is from Kammerflage and mom is from Bluebeast.
Going to try and find out who the grandparents are as well, then I can do a whole family album post!
I'll let you know when they're up.
Really beautiful Chameleons!

Newest post is pictures of Kitty's parents and hopefully soon, his grandparents.
I know, you can hardly contain your excitement....but I'm having fun, and they are beautiful lizards!
Let me know if you have any great ideas for future chapters, I am starting to develop a loyal and hungry audience and would love some help on what to feed them :)

The family

Pictures of Kitty's Grandfathers have been posted in the family album on the blog.
I hope this is okay with the Kammers and Tyler at Bluebeast.

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