Charlie got an upgraded cage!


Hello all! This weekend I moved Charlie to her new cage, which is MUCH bigger than her last one! We went from a 16x30 to a 24x48 and I think she likes it! It has a lot of foliage for her to hide in, a bunch of walk ways, and there’s even a real plant hiding in the back! I don’t have her laying bin in yet (letting the sand dry out some), but that’ll go in soon! She just barely laid less than a month ago, so I’m not in a HUGE rush yet. (Don’t worry, it’s becoming a permanent addition, very soon!)


Yes, it’s by a TV. No, that TV is not in use. She has plenty of peace!

It was a fun project setting it up this week!

Here’s a pic of her in it


She’s a little ashy looking because she needs to shed. I need to get some Shed Ease for her or something. Her sheds have been taking a while lately. The lighting is also bad though, her colors look healthy in person haha.
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