Chaneleon hasn't pooped yet


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Hey everyone, I bought a veiled chameleon three days ago that is approximately 4 months old and he hasn't pooped yet, I've read and heard some suggestions but I'm afraid to handle him just yet because he's not used to us yet, how often do they usually have bowel movements and what's should I do to make him go?
It can vary try misting with warm water, or place him in the shower with the water hitting the wall and falling down to him
I tried that yesterday unsuccessfully, today he only ate one of the crickets and is a very dark colour I also have him some pear baby food
If he is barely eating, he might not have to poop. Also, are you 100% positive there is no poop "hiding" in the cage? check the leaves, sides of branches, in the bottom of plants etc. I would not go force feeding him pears this early on. It will cause undo stress on him and it might be for nothing. Also, it would not hurt to go to the health clinic section and fill out the ask for help form. He is also just settling in with you so give him some time to get used to you. Sometimes they do not eat right away.
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