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In the SF Bay Area, we are forming a Chameleon's keeper support team so that chameleon keepers can actually have a vacation now and again.
I was going to go to my home in the UK to visit, so I called a "Professional pet sitter." I asked her if she did reptiles, in particular, chameleons. She said, "Oh yeah, I can take care of them for a week or two." So I gave her a couple of scenarios of things that could happen and asked her how she would handle it. I was horrified by her answers, as I would have had very sick or dead chams to come home to.
I realized that the only people who can take care of other's chameleons are those who keep chameleons themselves. So I have been placing ads and collecting people who want to be a part of the team. I am starting with the areas closest to me, that I have access to best, along the BART line. But I am taking in chams that are drivien in, then later picked up. I keep a myriad of bug types but adhere to the keeper's desired regimen.
The more members of the Chameleon's keeper Support Team, the better coverage and the further out we can radiate.
Anybody here want to join up? PM me with your name, location email addy, and we'll go from there.


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Sounds like a great idea. I recently had gone through the same ordeal with local "professionals" as well.

If the chameleon looks sick, what would you do?
Give it some medicine, I have this and this and this... (Various DOG medicine names)


Good luck.


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Thank you for speaking up, because I see this as a "community" need. I am not asking for money. I'm creating a web of support so that we can enjoy chameleon keeping, but like anything, we can have a break too. It's about keeping chameleons well taken care of. Are either of you in the Bay Area?
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