Chameleon Victory Dance


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Am I the only one who does a little victory dance whenever my chameleon eats??? I mean, its an exciting thing, it might as well be telling you "don't worry, i'm still king of this cage". its just such a reassuring thing!
That's so cute! I'm sure you aren't the only one. I don't have a cham yet myself (though I have cared for them before and watching them eat is very cool) but I get this stupid little grin and laugh going on when my blue tongue skink eats. =)
i full out yell and cheer for my guy, ( but he lost his tounge so eating is a whole diff story ) glad u enjoy your cham so much as well
dude i feel ya... i just got my lil guy two days ago and yea watching him eat lets me know he is healthy and hungry
I don't think seeing mine eat will ever lose it's fascination. Amy is just hilarious - she's so keen to get to the food that she moves her head side to side with her tongue sticking out before I even get the viv door open! She took Rocket leaves from my fingers for the first time at the weekend. They always get told how 'good' and 'clever' they are when they eat, lol! I have been keeping chams for almost 3 years and still never tire of watching them eat!
I get so stoked when he snags a cricket that I didn't even see! Have you fed your cham houseflies? It's the coolest! Mine usually moves very slowly to stalk the crickets, but when he gets flies he darts into tongue-ing range and fires away. I highly recommend feeding it flies at least once!
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