Chameleon subreddit... is it for real?


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Sorry if this is the wrong place but just had to vent...

Is that place for real? I just was in an argument about screen enclosures vs hybrid and now this self proclaimed expert tells me that I basically killed my chameleon because I didnt give it a drinking glass!?

I mean... WHAT!?


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Now turns out this person is a moderator and says t8 is the standard...
I've been bullied and reported by mostly mods but occasionally their cult following because I was giving scientific proven advice. One time I disliked a mod's post and he completely blew up and started "yelling"' and saying rude things about "whoever" disliked him. Also, God forbid I talk about UVI levels or the proper hydration techniques! It seems like they'd prefer to give minimal water to their chams and say experts agree with them, which seems unlikely, but they name-dropped, so maybe it's true (not saying it's right, just that they might've actually talked to them)?
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And this is why we do not google info and make sure we are in a reputable place that actually knows their husbandry.

You find this crap with all types of animals. You always have the people that are not using or giving up to date accurate advice. This is the scary thing for people new to the hobby... When you are new you simply do not know what is legit and what is not.
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