chameleon not using back legs


i am taking him to a credible ARAV veteranarian tomorrow if they will accept him. idc what it costs i just wsnt to get good answers, one thing i failed to mention about the bumps is that they are fiilled with a white pus, ghat is something the previous vet did was extract the pus from some of them, i assume it may be a serious bacterial infection of somekind that has progressed severely.....if he is still alive in the morning and i pray he will be will be taking him to the credible vet in Sherwood Arkansas, im very thankful for the informative and intelligent people in this forum. i have been very upset and hard on myself about this.
Hello there hope you got some answers for your boy! He’s so handsome! I was searching Arkansas in the forums and your thread popped up. How did you like the vet in Sherwood, I’m also in AR and am trying to locate an experience herp vet
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