Chameleon not coming out of hole????


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Hi there.

My chameleon is is pregnant and I followed all of the instructions carefully for her to have a place to lay her eggs. She has lots of places to dig holes in her cage as there are deep gravel and sand in the pots where the plants are planted.

She eventually started digging this took about 2 days as she started with one tunnel and then started another one again. Yesterday morning was the last time I saw her. Shes not coming out of the hole now? She's been in there for 24 hours, I just take a peek now and then and I make sure that she does not see me.

How long does it take for her to lay her eggs, is it normal for her to stay in there for so long without coming out once??

Help will be appreciated as I am new at this!!


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Eltortu is right check to see if she is stuck or she could be laying her eggs, it takes a while for the process, my female was in her hole for about a hole day but she came back out and went back in. She might be sleeping in it and she could possibly lay in the morning. good luck!


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Can you see her at all? If not after that long I would be checking that she is ok. I have heard of tunnels collapsing and killing the cham in them. Just be careful and if she is ok and can get out when she wants to, I guess just leave her. All my instincts say get her out - but I have NOTHING to base that on. jmo

Let me know how she is. good luck.


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Definately check her after that long. She might be having trouble. Keep us posted.........
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