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I have had my chameleon for 2 years and i had my other one for 4 years lost him,but he had a bad eye and i think it was from a grow light,i would have to doctor it.I want to get another grow light but i want to know what to get cause i do not want to hurt his eye,i have read on here to get 2ft 5t 6500k, i think i will get 2 flourecent lights at 2ft 60watt 6500k. I would like for someone to tell or let me know what to do. thanks


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My issues were 100% from me cooking my girl with 2x the UVB needed (6-7 UVI), and not at all due to the 6500k T5HOs. :)

I have HLG 65 quantum boards on my 36x18x36 ExoTerra which are much brighter than the T5HOs, and I haven't had any issues with the boards. Kismet looks fantastic (and so do my plants!)!


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Its possible if you had a light that was extremely bright and produces a lot of UVA, like an HID bulb or something, what kind of light did you have?

It would be basically like Goodkarma suggested, your cooking him with UV light. Thats the only really way I could see it causing an eye issue. The issue would be equivalent to like a "welders Flash Burn" very painful, feels like you have sand in your eyes, and burns off some of the layers of your eye.

Can you show us all of your lighting please.

Also like Karma said its hard to blind from brightness, I have 4 cobs on my 48x24x48 atm, each cob (so small point source) puts out 10k lumens, which is extremely bright, it hurts my eyes to look at them directly, makes me see the color spots like when you look at the sun, and my cham has no eye issues at all.
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