Chameleon eye concern.


Hi all.
Some help please.
My cham did this bubbling thing with his eye about a week ago, and I read up thinking he was just cleaning it. However he is doing it again now and I cant see the black of his eye so I'm slightly concerned now. I've attached some pics for some advice.



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Vet visit is needed. Also are you using any supplements that have Vitamin A in it? Not beta carotene or vitamin a precursors but true Retinol Vitamin A?


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Here is some recommended information to include when asking for help in the health clinic forum. By providing this information you will receive more accurate and beneficial responses. It might not be necessary to answer all these questions, but the more you provide the better. Please remember that even the most knowledgeable person can only guess at what your problem may be. Only an experienced reptile veterinarian who can directly examine your animal can give a true diagnosis of your chameleon's health.

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care?
  • Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon?
  • Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders?
  • Supplements - What brand and type of calcium and vitamin products are you dusting your feeders with and what is the schedule?
  • Watering - What kind of watering technique do you use? How often and how long to you mist? Do you see your chameleon drinking?
  • Fecal Description - Briefly note colors and consistency from recent droppings. Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?
  • History - Any previous information about your cham that might be useful to others when trying to help you.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?
  • Lighting - What brand, model, and types of lighting are you using? What is your daily lighting schedule?
  • Temperature - What temp range have you created (cage floor to basking spot)? Lowest overnight temp? How do you measure these temps?
  • Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels? What do you use to measure humidity?
  • Plants - Are you using live plants? If so, what kind?
  • Placement - Where is your cage located? Is it near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas? At what height is the top of the cage relative to your room floor?
  • Location - Where are you geographically located?

Current Problem - The current problem you are concerned about.


Please Note:
  1. The more details you provide the better and more accurate help you will receive.
  2. Photos can be very helpful.
A review of your husbandry will help us get a better idea of what could be going wrong. It could be one or several of just about any of the categories listed here. It would also be really helpful if you could take a closer up picture of the eye and post that


Your Chameleon - Panther chameleon, Male, approx 6 months old. I've had him since late November/December

Handling - I dont handle him. He wants nothing to do with me. And I see no reason to stress him out.

Feeding - I currently feed him the small meal worms, crickets were getting out. I will pick up a few wax worms now and then.

Supplements- daily the bugs are dusted with repti-calcium without d3. Once ever other week I use a repti-calcium with d3, and every other week I use a multi vitamin. When I use the other two, I do not use the calcium without d3 on top of these. Just use the one supplement daily.

Watering - I have an auto mister that mists for a short seconds once every hour. I do not see him drink, but I don't stare at the cage often. I only just saw him eating for the first time in an easy 2 months. However he is eating, the bowl is often empty or with a few leftovers.

Fecal Description - no parasite testing done, decals look normal.

History - nothing I can think of.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - glass door, mesh sides, home built. Dimensions is 3.5 ft tall, and then 2ft wide and 2 ft deep. Home made cage.

Lighting - he has both a heat lamp and a uvb bulb. They are in a schedule of 12 on and 12 off.

Temperature - house at night sits around 68, been a bit since I've measured in his cage to be completely honest, but I see him bask and sometimes i see him sitting elsewhere.

Humidity - with the misting system going off every hour.

Plants - no live. Fake. I did have a large fake in there, but I'm concerned maybe it been collecting water and fecal maybe giving him an infection that could be the cause. I've taken it out today. So will go get some more vines and a few smaller branches leaves to give him some privacy and hiding/comfort ect.

Placement - cage is in the living room, by the entrance so it does get passed after, but on the side we pass I have a large indoor fake tree to give the illusion of more dense forestry and not always seeing us walk by. Top of the cage measures roughly 5 ft 4 inches from the ground

Location - Canada, Ontario

Current Problem - I'm concerned about his eye. The other day, last week it was bubbling essentially. I found a link on here to a YouTube video showing exactly the same thing, commenting that he is likely cleaning it. However today I'm noting he wknr open it really and I cant see the black eye, it's weird, and for the 5 minutes I stared at him, he was trying to do the cleaning action persay. I'm also noticing his tale looks bulky/swollen by the end of his body. Not sure if I'm thinking too much into it for that? Please see pictures above.
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