Chameleon drinking from a bowl????


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I caught Herb (veiled 11 months) drinking from the saucer under the plant yesterday. I thought chameleons did not drink from standing water? It is older organic soil so I do not think there will be that much bad stuff it in, no fertilizer probably just compost nitrates, but it was still odd.

Anyone else notice this with their's or can comment on it?
Well, my Chameleon would also do it too ... drink from her standing water dish even when dripping water was available, but she also turned out not to be very healthy and died. I can't say that there was any sort of connection between the two or not. I do know that she STARTED drinking from the dish when she saw water dripping into it and making it move around, but later she would do it out of still water.
I know that alotta of cham owners do use standing water method.. However...Standing water and water falls are ok... but its harder to maintain due to having to change the water more often! Almost all will drink from standing water and some won't. If you practice this method make sure you change your water daily or 2 times a day! Drowning food is bad for them if bad bacteria is formed.
ok. I actually got a huge scefflera plant and needed to put in a different pot so that stops that problem. I will put a bowl out for him though to catch some of the misted water.
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