Chameleon Bug Buffet


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Now this is what I call mixing it up!

6 crickets, 2 dubias, and 2 superworms lightly sprinkled in a multivitamin and gutloaded for maximum flavor all for 1 chameleons breakfast. 1 Hornworm not shown in picture is for dessert. Never thought becoming a reptile keeper would turn me into a bug keeper as well lol. Oh well I love my herps!
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Also will someone tell me how silkworms are a healthy stable feeder besides the fact that they are literally 1% fat? I thought we wanted to have a HIGH calcium and LOW phosphorus intake for our Chams? However, Silkworms are higher in phosphorus than they are in calcium. Any info on this would be awesome. Thanks!
I've seen a chart where silkworms have similar calcium to crickets, but I'm guessing the low fat makes them less filling so they will eat more.

Also I don't think all of the cricket exoskeleton gets digested. A lot of calcium, is locked up and wont be absorbed with a cricket.
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