Cham with broken tail, was it fate?

He’s really active today, my grandma came by so I took him out so she could get a closer look. He’s a pretty docile little guy, no puffing or hissing, he comes right out onto your hand. I then showed my grandma the hellion, jagras. Needless to say her comment was “why would you want to live with something like that?!” 😂😅
Aw. Yay buddie is doing so well. That's so cute. Wasabi is like that too. He comes right out. Lmao. Even if I try to clean his cage he is ready. Hahaha he either loves me or hates his cage.
My aunt was pretty like wtf at first now she LOVES him. Lol always hold out her arm for him to climb on.
I hope you keep him lol. & maybe grandma will come around. 😍🤞
He only ate one dubia, it wasn’t a super small one though. The mister came on and he went to drink so I let him drink and out more ointment on.


Licking his lips after eating the dubia. I’ll try again in an hour.
Quick update AGAIN lol! He ate a silkworm from my palm once again, he’s just going to be expensive! I put the rest of the silkies and dubias in his feeding dish. While it’s fun to hand feed him, I also want them to get use to dish feeding as well. He’s slept in the dish, but hasn’t ate from it yet.
Just look at his foot again. It almost looks like dirty stuck shed on his toes. Are we sure that's not it?
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