Cham waterbottle drinking...


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My cham is 3 months old, i've had him for about 2 weeks now, brought from a breeder.
Had a waterbowl in my chams tank but he never drinks from it - coz its still water.
Then i changed to a waterfall he drank from it, but i didnt think it was very clean and it flooded the bottom of my viv - so that has gone.
Mist his viv daily.
Have got my cham drinking from a small 1mm plastic syringe from my hand - good start to make sure i can monitor his drinking fluids, and today have managed to get him drinking from small plastic waterbottle, the one with the small reflective silver ball at the bottom, YAY!
Anybody else got any good ways to get cham drinking, apart from drippers?

(sorry not very clear pics)
Take out the light fixture!!! It is goign to burn your chameleon!!!

I just mist the enclosure 3 - 5x a day for 5minutes, making sure all the plants are wet, and chameleon will lick water droplets from plants.
That's pretty cool. So you kinda had to train him to drink from that? Is that one of those bottles used for rabbits and other small mammals?
Kept dripping the water droplets off the syringe in front of his nose and mouth, and he got the hang of that. The bottle drips water by itself, it gathers in the end, and cham is drawn to it coz of the reflective silver ball in the end, it is exactly the kind used by rabbits n small mammals.
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