Cham in bad condition!


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i had a fire in my room while i was away once. It was in my parents house. They put it out before anything bad happened though. it was due to a socket that had my fishtank with a light, 2 filters, 2 airpumps, and a heater or two... the equipment was old and maybe one of the airhoses to the filter ot backed up and started pushing water out of my tank and down the elec chords and into the outlet!? Anyways i do not know what CAUSED the fire, but it origionated from the socket. sounds like yours would have been something similar.... sorry to hear that you didnt catch it sooner though, a real shame... if i lost my fish i would be soo soo sad!



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Yeah.. I lost all my cichlids.. I had been collecting for a cpl years. You tend to get attached to them.

Is it ok to transfer him to a 55 gal tank till I build his new cage? I just got done building his 3ft tall 3ft wide and its now ruined.. gah all over again! But atleast this one will be better..

He's opening his eyes some now and puffing up at me.. he wasnt doing that before so I guess thats somewhat of a sign of improvement. If turtle eye drops dont hurt then I might try this???


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i don't know anything about turtle eye drops, but you can get a bottle of saline at the drug store and use that. Buy store brand Saline. It is used for contact lens wearers, costs about $2

My brother has fish and I know someone with a large collection of saltwater fish and very attached to them - and their setups ;) So very sorry about what yo lost.

As keepers, we need to be very careful and practical when plugging all our stuff in. I live in a 275 year old house, but the upstairs, where my office and BR are - and all my herps) has upgraded electrical. Downstairs does, too but upstairs even more recent. I have only two outlets in my office so all of my computers stuff (printer, scanner, etc) are on 2 strips coming from one outlet and Cyrus and blotchies, small fridge and a/c are on 2 strips from the other outlet. Frog is in hall and have her strip plugged into an outlet downstairs and Darwin (dragon) is in the BR. I still worry and check connections regulalry. Be sure to vacuum dust from outlets and especially strips! unused outlets in a strip can collect dust and cause fires.


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He's alot better now, he ate alot of silkworms so thats a good sign. Bought him some new plants.. he loves em.. Thanks for all your help here.. without you guys he wouldnt have made it! Btw his name is Camo. Here's a pic for you guys!



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His eyes might be sore from the smoke, so I'd get some plain saline solution, and put drops in his eyes two-three times a day for a couple days and see if that helps. I know the saline drops are safe for chameleons because I had to use them on one of my chameleons who had dry eye. Good luck with your baby, I know it must be hard. We're thinking about you.


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wow, he looks content in the picture what a story, your concern and work seems to have paid off, good job.


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OH NO!!! Im sorry if Im late on this one I read your story and kept up with your updates on him . Im sorry for the loss of your fish . But I am glad too see he's doing well and your house is still intact

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