Cham eating veggies question...


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Lately my veiled has been eating some of the veggies that I put in his feeding dish for the crickets. Mainly collard greens. I saw him eat some today. My question is this because he just feels like it or because instinctually he is lacking in some nutrients? Thanks


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Although I am a new chameleon owner, from what I have read, veiled Chams like to munch on vegies. It is a normal part of their diet, and good for them. You might need to do some reading about your critter, to become more informed as to his diet and to find out what greens and vegies are the best to serve him.

Brad Ramsey

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Veiled chams do eat plant matter and collard greens are the
green of choice here.
Really high in calcium!
I clamp leaves to a branch or vine for mine.

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