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Does anyone on here keep carpets? If so could you give me some info and the husbandry, or a link to a site with accurate info? I got one today without expecting it. long story short, went to hamburg with a friend who was looking for a mellers, didnt find any so she bought a carpet, 10 mins after that, we found a mellers, she bought that, and so she wouldnt be overwhelmed, i bought the carpet from her. My set up so far is a 22 gallon reptarium on its side, with lots of vines and plasic plants. ambient temp in the room where its kept is about 72-75, 5%uvb, and a small spot bulb, i think a 50watt. Im planning on adding some pothos soon for more cover. Is this sufficient? Also, when i left the show it was really colorful, now its dark black and just basking, and its been doing this for a few hours now. shes eating and drinking fine also. sorry if theres alot of questions, but i want to get it right because i really like carpets, and have always wanted one, but it was kind of unexpected so as of right now im "winging" it for lack of better terms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
wanting a carpet

I am wanting a carpet chameleon for myself. I saw your post and was wondering where you could get a healthy carpet chameleon? I checked flchams and they have wild caught one. Is wild caught chameleons safe? should I look out anything? any advice would be awesome.

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