cant find organic soil with out fertiliser


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hi we cant source any fertilefree potting mix can i just get sand and topsoil and mix 50/50 mix i have read about it and seen that i just double checking that that will be ok with rosensis aswell as umbrella plants for the veiled ? thanks for your help cheers
I couldn't find any either. I ended up getting the organic mix with fertilizer, but I also put rocks over the top.
To be honest I have never repotted any plants in new soil when I get them but many people do. I would just go with what you have found already.
I repotted a couple of my plants in topsoil but honestly most of them i didnt, i just covered the top with some nice large "river rocks" got um at wal mart on the fake plant section, theyre actually pretty nice looking..i do have a 10x10x10 dish full of topsoil and sad in my cage too but i have a female cham and thats her laying bin for when she needs it..even though shes a bout 5 months old.. she has been showing signs so id rather be prepared in advance then not and stress her out but rearranging the cage to fit it in laer. i have a "big boy" reptibreeze and it slides right out the bottom door like a drawer
You could use the ABG mix that the dart frog people use for their plants/frogs. it is fertilizer and pesticide free.
ok will go in on my day off and have another nosey around and look for pure prganic soil i asked for it at acouple of places and got laughed at pretty much lol
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