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I saw that has Canned Dubia's and "Zoo Med Can O’ Silkworms". Has anyone tried these? They're touted as a temporary solution if your next shipment is still a few days away. Shelf life of up to three years unopened. They also state that these freshly-preserved canned dubias are similar to live dubias in terms of nutritional value. Obviously, this would not be a substitute for the real thing, but it sounds like a good idea in a pinch. Though I'm guessing some chams would be reluctant to eat if the bug is not moving.


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Yea odds are they are up there with the tubs of freeze dried meal worms. Great for toppers for beardies etc, might even be able to get some to stick to veggies for vields...


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Soooooooooo gross I would not ever feed these. My boss thought it was cool and sent me a can of silkworms... I had no plans to feed it but wanted to see what the inside of one of these cans of bugs looked like. BIG MISTAKE! MOST disgusting thing I have ever smelled in my entire life. Nope...

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Yeah as mentioned, I have small group ( wouldn't call it a colony) around 200 dubia ) so I always have something they don't take up much space are easy to keep and breed . has some advice if interested
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