Can Some of you please post photos of your drainage systems for husband to see?


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From the simple to the intermediate level please. I need him to do this for me before he deploys again. TIA.

i use a sterelite container with holes drilled in the top. Then just add a cut off valve to empty it into a bucket when it needs to be emptied. Not too attractive, but cheap and easy. Your husband could always build a box around it or you could add a little curtain or something to cover it up.
I have an adjustable shelf utility table. I put my cages on it, and a paint pan underneath to catch the water. Here's a couple pics:



Perforated shelving with the cage on top. The bottom of the cage has drainage holes. The water flows down through the shelving into tubs underneath. See the following pics


I only have one cage in place now, which makes it easy to see. The cage sits in a lip over the drawer. I use all mesh Reptariums. If you had a solid bottom for any of these ideas, you'd just need to drill some holes in the bottom to let the water drain.


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For medium to large chameleon species, the easiest approach I've discovered is to place a screen cage with horizontal dimensions of 24" x 24" on top of a utility sink from Home Depot, and put a bucket under the drain of the utility sink. A 24"x24" screen cage perfectly matches the top rim of a 24"x24" plastic utility sink (about $45).

With this solution, you discard the plastic bottom of the screen cage. Set a 4' ficus tree in the bottom of the utility sink and then place the screen cage over the tree and rest it on the edges of the sink. I don't even attach the screen cage to the utility sink. I just let it rest on top. If you puts lights on top of the cage, it is heavy enough that it doesn't move.

Chameleon droppings and your plant pot are out of view down in the utility sink, and it super easy to clean.
Thanks everyone! I will be posting pics this evening. My husband is out getting everything he needs from home depot, it will all be completed this afternoon.
Sounds like my hubby....he just spent 2 hours putting together 2 more enclosures...and I mean...THE LONG HAUL... first putting them together, then measuring and cutting shower curtain to hold humidity, and keep our wall from getting wet :D Then attaching all the vines with zip a 65 gal and 100 gal enclosure...NOT as easy as it sounds :eek: Then getting all the lights ready, getting them up on the very top cages ( he is 5'6) LOL, getting the plants in, feeder cups blah blah blah... all he said is... "I hope you know I'm playing video games tomorrow" LOL

Looking forward to the pics tonight!
Sorry easier said then done! DH has not completed the project yet! We are running into a few issues with lighting. Soon though soon! :rolleyes:
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