Can my chameleon digest a hornworm chrysalis?


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Hello, I have a veiled chameleon that I keep in a 24”x48”x48” bio active terrarium that I built for it so that being said with it being bio active you can imagine there are critters all over the place and it just so happens that the other day I walked in on my chameleon swallowing a large hornworm chrysalis. She must have seen it move and went for it but I only caught the end of it all when I could clearly see that she was swallowing the end of the chrysalis. I had mixed thoughts going through my head thinking that it might be to hard of an exoskeleton type substance to digest and another part of me said, it is still an insect and if she managed to swallow it than she should be able to digest it. Well, it’s been 2 days since she swallowed it and she seems to still have a large stomach because of it but this does not stop her from continuing to eat and since then I’ve seen her make a bowel movement but what came out did not seem to be what I saw her eat. Everything was fine at first but now she just stays basking in the same spot from morning to night and doesn’t seem to have much energy at all. She still eats only in the mornings but doesnt move from her spot and appears to be weak. I’m really worried about her and I called the local reptile vet where I live but she is booked for the next 3 weeks and I’m afraid I’m going to lose her which isnt cool at all because she is only 8 months old. I would really appreciate any advice anyone might have to contribute. This isnt my first Cham and I have about 8 years experience with charms but have never ran into a situation like this before. Appreciate any help at all thanks!


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While I have no idea about a chams ability to digest a hworm chrysalis I would assume they would be able to but it will take a lot longer then other things to break down.

skip feeding her for a few days so she has time to digest that huge meal.

females shouldn’t be fed everyday anyways. It will lead to big clutch sizes and laying problems.


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Please post a couple of photos of her so we can see all of her.

You said you've kept chameleons before...males or females? Species?

Do you have an egglaying bin in her cage?
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