can I?


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It's not a good idea to house them together. He will probably want to mate all the time and the female will become gravid and stressed. Also that is not a big enough enclosure to house 2.

If you are new to chameleons then its a great idea to build up experience before diving in abd getting more (although its so tempting to just start a cham farm in the living room :D)
Here is a pic of the home....


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I would take the rocks/substrate out immediately. If your jacks missed a cricket an ate a rock or dirt by accident you would have a nice vet bill.


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Yeah that's a perfect substrate setup for a ri. Not trying to be rude just help you. :) if you have potted plants put large clean river rocks or screen over the dirt. Also removing the substrate will help with drainage


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I'm always glad to see people asking questions before doing things.
This caresheet has reliable info about Jackson's, although I use calcium dust without D3 every other feeding, with D3 1x a month and multivitamin powder 1x a month--more often than that is too much.
Petstores very often give advice to do things that can actually harm your chameleon, so you'd be wise to have a look at the caresheet and ask questions.
As for keeping a pair of Jackson's together--people here don't do it because it would require a ridiculously large custom built cage in order to keep both chams happy--so people keep them separately in easier to manage but still large sized cages.
Thx a lot people. This is an awesome forum. I will replace small rocks with big ones. So just to be clear...I should use calcium powder 1-2 times a week?
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