Calcium ingestion ??


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Hello everyone... I just got done speaking with a friend that has a theory about chams shooting at soil. He has been breeding veiled's for years and seems to think that every cham processes and needs calcium different then the next.

So in his opinion chams that shoot at things, like soil, need more calcium. He says to put a bowl of pure calcium in there enclosure. At first he says to start with one or two feeders in there with extra calcium so that they recognize the bowl. Within a few weeks they should be eating it by it self.

What do you guys think?? Sound bogus??


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It's possible, although the calcium content of soil is not inherently high. There are many other microminerals in the soil, so it may not be calcium as much as other things - we don't know enough about it or chams to really know for sure. And has this person ever actually tried this bowl method? Unless he's had success with it I'd say it sounds like bogus. But who knows, maybe they would eat it if there wasn't adequate calcium in the long as it was a powder I guess it couldn't cause too many problems unless they're really gorging on it. Hard to say whether or not it's appropriate (or possible) to do.


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He has both males and females eat from it.... the females more then the males. He does put it in the powder form.


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Ive done that for nocturnal geckos with success for years, particularly with females and hatchling/juvies.
I have a theory they know what they need, geckos atleast seem to recognise it as edible.
note: I use very flat containers and both the crickets and geckos walk through it. Most geckos are very
tactile as far as licking goes, hence the idea. After a few taste's they help themselves.
Its possible, excepting the obvious, chameleons cant really lick and I do doubt they would shoot at a bowl of calcium without insects in it. dusting seems much easier. :)
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