Calcium amounts?


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for babies it is supposed to be 3-5 times a week and for a juvenile it is supposed to be around 3 times a week. i was wondering if that means that every cricket that is fed to him that day is powdered in calcium or just one feeder on that particular day?
At that age I did more than one feeding a day of 5 to 10 crickets
each time but would only dust one group.

i just got him today, he is about 3 months. what do you think would be the best approach to initiate eating. he ate once from my hand, and once from a cricket that jumped out of my hand, but other than that he didnt seem to eat today.
I wouldn't worry....he did eat.
Are you free range feeding or cup feeding?
Either way you'll want to count your crickets so you can keep track of
what he's consuming.

i wanted to cup feed him, so i put a few in the cup near him, he took a look inside and seemed not interested at all. so i held one out near him and he ate it out of my not sure what to
Be patient.
I am a big fan of cup feeding, if for no other reason than
the ability to more acurately be able to moniter diet.
He just moved in ... give him some time to get accustomed
to his new home. If he's hungry he'll find the food.

yea i figured he might be just a little timid, he was smacking his lips when he saw them, just never acted on he was probably just nervous around me. thanks for the help!!
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