cage setup


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how should i set up my new cage? it's 30x18x16 screen(heating,lighting,food,substrate,accessability. that stuff)
Lot and lots of info on this subject just search.

Well I will say my two cents. is that cage 30in Tall? I hope so chams love to climb and the taller the better. You should use no substrate. I put down cheap tiles from Home Dept so it looks good. Its better this way. When I had a substrate feeders would climb in it and it was hard to see poop till it got moldy. So no substrate is best. Even some paper towels on the bottem is good for easy clean up. Lights on the top and food in the cup. Free range some food but the cup is great for making sure the crickets dont down or die in hard to reach places. Also you can check his food intake with the cup. No cup and substrate = you have no idea if he ate it all or not.
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