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Hi! I am getting a panther chameleon and need so ideas for the cage décor. Please post the dimensions of cage, live plant species, and of course pictures! :D Please post free range setups too. I am getting a reptarium that is 48"x24"x24". :rolleyes:


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Here's a picture of the last cage that I built for my male Ambilobe, Loki:


It's 36" wide x 24" deep x 54" tall and has a large schefflera in the middle, two pothos in the back wall, and a few orchids for color (which now have river rocks covering the soil in all of the pots;)). The schefflera has filled out a lot more since that picture and the pothos is now vining out across the different branches that my guy likes to hang out on. Here's a link to my build thread in case you want so more info/sprecifics:
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