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We got a male veiled a week ago and are complete novices to chameleon ownership so I wanted opinions on our setup and suggestions for improvement. I bought a pothos and split into 2 plants so he's got 2 pothos in there (put those glass deco things for vases on top of the dirt, may need to change to bigger stones as he grows), the rest is plastic/ silk. Bottom pothos is placed to help with water overflow. Upper plant is on a plant stand since cage is too flimsy to mount anything to (it looks unstable but it's secure). 2 vines so far, going to pick up sticks outside today to add more perches. Monsoon solo misting system set to 120sec every 8hrs but may need to lower to 60sec, he notices it come on and drinks right away and water doesn't evaporate very fast. We got the chameleon kit from reptibreeze but it feels super flimsy and we have 2 cats so when I can afford to later this month I want to get dragonstrand hybrid cage so they can't get to him. Also ordered the full throttle feeder since we don't think he can find his food (he's pooping so he's eating but unsure how much insects... but he loves eating the pothos).

Please let me know if this is ok for him... he seems to be doing ok but hubs is worried because he hides in the pothos all day and doesn't bask very often. I told him he probably does when we're not in the room.

Again we do have to upgrade to the dragonstrand hybrid because of the cats (they destroyed the mesh on our baby beardie cage to sit inside with him... I don't trust them with this cage at all). But I want to make sure he's comfortable now.


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Hi and welcome so as the good members on here can help the best can you please fill out a husbandry form which you can find in the health section under how to ask for help. Just copy and paste as much details as possible. Thanks . Or someone can post in on


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  • Your Chameleon - Male Veiled, 3mo. Had for 1 week
  • Handling - we don't handle him, only open cage to make adjustments to environment and to feed him
  • Feeding - feed crickets, he ate a hornworm earlier this week. Green gutload from the store.
  • Supplements - zoomed repticalcium without d3
  • Watering - monsoon solo set to 120sec every 8hrs. Probably changing to 60sec every 8hrs because it stays wet a long time.
  • Fecal Description - normal, not dehydrated. Parasite free
  • History - bought a week ago from Chicago Reptile House

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 18x18x36 screen
  • Lighting - 6a-6p reptisun 13w 5.0 uvb, zoomed 60w daylight blue bulb
  • Temperature - 81-83* basking spot down to 73-74* on bottom during the day, it's getting warmer here so could drop to 68*ish at night
  • Humidity - had humidity gauge but cats absconded it... last read around 40%
  • Plants - I split a large pothos into 2 live plants. He eats them a lot but I did wash them.
  • Placement - our bedroom, top of cage sits about 6ft high on the dresser. He is next to leopard gecko cage but doesn't seem to be an issue (he will be moved to the other side of the room once we get the dragonstrand cage)
  • Location - Illinois

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Hi you will need to think about an upgrade your enclosure will be too small for your guy a minimum of 2x2x4 but bigger is better like 4x2x4 . Yes you will need a long linear fluorescent either a reptisun 5% or arcadia 6 % which is the full width of your enclosure the compact lights sold with the cham are not the greatest as they do not give enough coverage across the whole enclosure. Your little guy should be eating as much as he wants at this age and variety is good . You can go through the chameleon academy care sheets for good info also Neptune the chameleon has lots of great advice. Another member will point you in the correct direction for your supplements. @ Beman


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