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Tell me what you th ink of Snipes cage . think it's big enough for a full grown cham? think i'll need to get one bigger when he grows up?
is there enough greenery/branches?

just opinions one what people think :)

the first one . is the b4 picture.. when i first got him . then this is the after ....

I have 3 fake vine plants . to add to the outside of it . 2 live plants . and a fake bendy vine thing .... the rest of branches from outside...

*note* sorry, i dont have a good camera . that's with a webcam .


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Looks like you could use a plant in there to me, but I am having a hard time seeing much from your pics. It is also hard to judge size, but I believe that is a picture of your chameleon in the first picture...? If so, then I think you will need a much larger cage. Veiled males need around 24" by 24" by 48".

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