Bump on eye, im worried


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Yoshi seems to have some kind of growth on his eye. I've been monitoring him for a few days now and it hasnt gone away. I see him once in awhile lick his eye from the inside but the bump is still there. He shed about a week ago. his other eye is fine. I didnt know if this is a problem i should look further into, or perhaps if someone had the same problem.
Im worried :(
heres some pics, any advice would be helpful



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First- they don't lick their eyes from the inside. they simply retract the eyeball and roll it around to clean it.

Second- that could be an abscess or an infection. both of which require a vet to prescribe medication..

So you need to find your herp vet and take him in.

Before it gets worse.


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Just be sure it's a vet who really knows reptiles--not just a vet who is willing to treat them.

I hope Yoshi gets better soon and that you'll let us know what the cause of the eye bump is.
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