Building a custom enclosure (work log)


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No, these are very nice colors for a veiled. I just realized this was a relatively old thread and I got to see your cham after two months. Nice job!


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Wow, EXCELLENT job on the chameleon and enclosure! He looks extremely healthy and loved. I cant wait for my panther to come in this friday so I can start the same "Lets watch him grow" pictures as you! He looks amazing and makes me want a Veiled again :D
Good job!


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Good day to everybody!

Yesterday, before I left for work, I gave Perseus 7 medium-large Locusts. By 11:30, where I spoke with my wife, he had eaten all of them! :eek:
By 20:00, when I got back home, he had eat 12 more crickets!

Is this normal? Do I need to limit the amount of food I give him?
If he is eating this much now when he is 6 months old, how much is going to need when he will be an adult ? :confused:


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OMG he looks amazing and that cage is great! I bet your neighbors are soo jealous..hehe they grow up so fast. :)


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you have done an amazing job. i really enjoyed seeing all of your hard work. your chameleon looks excellent!


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Some new photos of my baby :D

Daddy took me on a ride!

Can you see me?

Nice shadow here, don't you agree?


Hey, it is mammy! Does it have anything for me to eat...?

That's it, no more higher?


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Wow this thread rocks, love the cage, very nicely done. I've made a few similar to yours. Also loved watching the lil guy progress ill be waiting for your next update!:D


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Wizard i just finished reading all the post and i must say that it has been really interesting to see you cham grow up in this thread
as far as rubber gloves go
i use some black laytex gloves, feel like (dexter) with them on ;)
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