Broken Nail


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So right after Yoshi (13 months, male) sheds he kind of goes on this exploring rampage and runs all around his cage and on the screen, most likely looking for a female. This is the only time he screen climbs.
This time he slipped and broke a nail:

Ive read previous threads to keep it dry and let it fall off naturally. My concern is that he’s going to go back to trying to screen climb and irritate it more until his “hunting for a mate” period ends.
any suggestions on how to avoid this. I have branches that run up the sides of the cage and it seems like he could care less for them. Should I just keep trying to add more to make it harder to climb the screen sides?


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Oh poor thing! I sure don’t know how you can stop them from screen climbing. I think you’ll just have to watch that toe for any signs of infection until it heals.


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Stopping screen climbing seems an impossible task. The only thing that I can think to do would be to attach some light branches to the screen were he climbs. If you can anchor them to the frame instead of the screen, it would be more secure.
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