Breeding something in 24x18x36 Exo-terra


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Hi, been searching this forum for a speciec I can keep in my 24x18x36 Exo-terra and be able to breed. Since I´m new to chameleons I didnt know you should always keep them seperated from eachother.

So now Im just looking for tips on what I can have in my terrarium, been looking at Rhampholeon brevicaudatus. Is the terrarium to big? Was thinking it might be hard for them to find food?


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A jacksons or carpet cham would do well in a semi glass cage, and they are high humidity animals. Its a little to short and skinny for male panthers/veiled.
pygmy chams do well enough in groups, might want to do 2 females per male though; as a sort of checks and balances system

also, if this is your first foray into chameleons I wouldnt suggest jumping right into breeding. Give yourself some time to research and get some experience so you can identify problems as they're happening/before they get worse


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Even though I am new to chams I have years of experience breeding reptiles. I jusr dont want to do the mistake and get a species that wouldnt thrive.
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