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Today my gravid female started digging. My mother said she might have been butt down in the hole. I told her before not to disturb her if she sees her digging so she didnt get a good enough look to know for sure. Mom said she was digging, then she was at the top, then she was in the hole but from a distance couldnt tell which angle she was sitting at. One side of the laying bin looks more like a canyon than a hole. I am pretty positive that the sand and soil mixture was moist enough to hold a tunnel. She doesnt look much thinner & is still holding gravid colors. Im not sure if she layed or not. What im wondering is, Should i just let her be, or should i check the bin? I was told that the eggs cant be moved after 24 hours but on the other hand im afraid to disturb the bin if shes just digging test holes. Once a female lays her eggs will her gravid colors go away right away? How much skinnier is a female supposed to look? Will i see much difference if she produced a small clutch?

Sorry if this sounds like psychobabble but this is my first time & im kinda over excited. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for your patience.

i dont think she layed her eggs. If that is the case how small is the hole surposed to look? there is a broad hole in one side of the bin & the other side is piled above the rim of the bin. Does that sound like the way its surposed to look? if it doesnt sound right, should i put more dirt in the bin & pack it down tighter or go buy a trash can asap?
Mine is still holding her non-receptive colors and she layed two or three days ago. At least yours is digging! mine just plopped out eggs from wherever she was sitting!

I would leave her be for a little while. They almost always cover the hole very well after they are done. If she previously looked obviously gravid and still does now, then she probably is. Like Jan said, weighing is a good indicator, though my female only lost 3 grams. (she had very few eggs, and all were very small.)
Thank you so much. What about the gravid coloring? will that fade right away? Unfortunately I wast smart enough to weigh her before hand & Im not sure if i should bother her right now.
thanks pssh. According to janns blog, she definately seems to be still holding eggs as she is still full of energy. Does the hole i described sound right? a wide deep hole or should it be more of a slender tunnel? What would you do? give her a day or to or get her in a trash bin with the laying media packed down tighter?
Some dig actual tunnels, some just go for the "dig a giant ditch" method. Either is fine.
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