Bowsers mouth open very slightly

His temps are between 68-75 tops!
Humidity is normally 60-70%
He eats regular and is a varied died, I dust his food every feed and dust his food with d2 2 times a month.
I think his temps are too low.
He is a nosy b panther make and is 5 months old.
I would bump his temps up to 84-86 . Does he have a basking light? This may put temps up enough. He does have uv? :)
Yes he has uv and the bulb is changed about 2 months early for my chams !

Ok but he has a 60w bulb and maybe I should go for a 75w?
Yes he has uv and the bulb is changed about 2 months early for my chams !

Ok but he has a 60w bulb and maybe I should go for a 75w?

Yep I would get temps up 75 w might be better as long as he can't get too close.:)
I will make sure he can get too close! Hey thanks!! Fingers crossed I have nothing to worry about, but as he doesn't eat veg he might not get as much water as my veiled
You will soon be able to feed silks. Thinking of size here. Full of calcium and water. Very hydrating.:)
Scotland is in ukLOL Try silkwormstore or you can get eggs from Ricks live food. Just don't get too many. If you do go down that road check Pigglett79 blog. You will need to buy food at the same time.
A better temp to shoot for would be 32C.

He could be opening his mouth because he is too hot though.

He may have something stuck in his mouth, an injury in his mouth, or a respiratory infection.

These are the reasons chameleons leave their mouths open that come to mind...
Is he still doing it today? I would agree that generally they sit with their mouth open because of temps being too high. If he is still doing it today I would try to get a look inside the mouth area and see if there is more to it than just temps.
Using something smooth and non-fibrous.

The side of a syringe works well.

You have to really man-handle them if you want to open their mouths and get a good look though.

Hold the body, and secure the animal around its neck firmly.

It will thrash about, and likely open its mouth for you. If not, press gently on its lips until it does.

Dont hold it so tight you injure it though, or so loose that it injures itself.

Not really something you want to do unless its necessary.

What are you using to measure these temps?
I know you guys won't agree but I have 2 sticky thermometers and and exo terra digital reader and another I branded digital reader off eBay and I use them all to cross reference!
Any ideas would be cool! He has made one of two wheeze sounds but it could be low temp and possibly a cold as he is well aerated and some of the cold night etc
Oh and a few days ago he went for the cricket at long range and his tongue was stuck to the cane and it almost pulled him off his perch but that wouldn't explain and wheeze noises which has been twice
If hes weezing and holding his mouth open, take him to the vet. He likely has an infection.

It was likely brought on by temps being too low. Try increasing the temp, and ditch the sticky thermometers, stick with the digital ones.
Ok will do ASAP, Saturday is the earliest I can do it!
Can you tell me what they would likely give him to clear it up as I have metacham indoors!?

Would low temps really be a cause? So many intangibles its crazy lol
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