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Greetings all! This is our new friend Bossk. We've had him for a week now and all seems well. Still in the process of learning about him. The shop didn't tell us much about him so I'm glad I found this site.

The shop sold us him, an 18x18x24 exo-terra vented cage, some vines, a small bamboo tree, 75watt night bulb (for basking), a hood w/ 2 26watt UVB CFL's.

His basking spot is about 85 degrees F w/ the coolest spot staying around 72 - 76F. He doesn't seem to really use his basking spot much, instead he hangs from the screened roof and appears to bask under the UVB CFL's???

We were told to feed him 4-5 crickets every other day (looks like we'll need to add some variety to this) and to keep the humidity up in his enclosure by misting a few times a day. It was hard to stabilize the humidity the 1st couple of days, but now it hovers between 40-70%.

One thing the shop told us and I think is pretty cool is that he will accept water from a syringe. When we mist and I notice him lapping up the droplets I'll get the syringe and he will drink anywhere from 3-6 drops from the syringe. Not sure how much he needs but I offer the syringe until he seems uninterested.

It appears we may have been misguided on a few things, ie. the enclosure. So if you can offer any tips or advice it will be much appreciated. We are going to get a few more plants for him, but we are having a hard time finding any tropical plants in the stores. They should hopefully start showing up as summer draws nearer.

The shop didn't tell us his age so if you can offer an estimate that would be appreciated as well. He is around 5-6 inches minus his tail if that helps?

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Jackson's don't require much heat above room temperature. My guy does most of his basking under the UVB light as well. The rest of the time he is patrolling for crickets.
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