Boogies, Foam, Popping Noises


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Cage Info:
Cage Type - screen 18x18x36
Lighting - reptisun 5.0 on a timer from 7am to 8:30pm plus 40 watt for basking
Temperature - ambient 80ish basking 95day 68 -71night
Humidity - mist 5 times a day for 5 minutes
Plants - ficus benjamina and croton
Location - inside location no fans

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - nosy be maybe three months old, maybe a bit less...2 inchas max STV
Feeding - crix, wax, slikworms....crix get cubes and fresh veggies daily
Supplements - repcal w d3 every other day and multivit 2 times a week
Watering - they drink during misting
Fecal Description - normal wite and brown poops

Current Problem - one of my babies started getting a foamy saliva andmakes popping noises(like when you have a stuffed up nose) and about once every 30 secs opens her mouth briefly as if possibly brething through her mouth.

not sure what the symptoms of uri are, but is that a possibility?

should it be isolated(contagious?)

i have 9 other chams in the same type of setup with no problem, so any advice would be great...i can't get to a vet until wednesday though, or am i playing with fire here?

thanks in advance to any replies!
sounds like a URI... best take it to a vet. Isolation would be prudent and maybe reduce humidity , for a while , in case you have a bacterial problem.
Yep.. definitely sounds like a URI.. and the only way to confirm and treat this is at a qualified vet. Good luck with your baby!
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