Blood In Feces.. Any ideas?


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So Sherman has been through a lot here are my previous post with him

Let me break it down for you.
-Rescued him dehydrated with a nasal infection
-got that fixed but antibiotics caused him to stop eating/lethargic
-he could barely move around the cage and I found him on the bottom of the cage 2 nights ago when I came home from work
-He has been COMPLETELY immobile since then and I have kept him in a bin manually adjusting his basking and uvb lights.
-Been forcefeeding daily 3-6 crickets/ and a wax worm
-took him to vet for fourth time yesterday and he weighed 45 grams and the vet said his nasal infection looked good and took him off the antibiotic and said call me if it gets worse.

-Well today at 8am he was fed 6 crickets and 2 wax worms.. plus a ml of
water. he went potty at 2pm and it appeared to have blood in it. I called my vet and waiting for a call back in the meantime what could this possibly be.


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It is very hard to say unfortunately. It isn't pure blood, he's been on an odd diet, being handled, and on harsh meds, which complicates the picture. How is he acting? Any change?
What did the vet say about his rear right ankle? It looks really swollen maybe it is just the angle?
Unfortunately Sherman passed away a few hours ago.

We tried and tried and did everything we could for the poor guy and learned a lot along the way. I feel we fought the good fight and it was the right thing to do.

P.S. Carol: I did point that swollen joint out to the vet but he said to keep doing what were doing for now it could be some other underlying problem considering Sherman could not move or eat and he was especially skinny.

All in all, I still want to be a Chameleon owner, I got Sherman in bad shape and knew it could turn out this way. Along the way I got a serious attachment to these creatures.

I feel if I raise a chameleon the right way from the beginning and get them from the right place I could definitely be a successful Chameleon Keeper. I will keep posted on the forums and continue using it as a resource and tool to stay in touch with the Chameleon world.

-Good luck to anyone out there trying to rehabilitate a chameleon in bad shape and never give up the battle, they deserve it.

Thanks for all the advice and support guys
R.I.P Sherman
Sorry for your loss, defiantly one of the unfortunate factors of chameleon keeping. Good on you to take on an animal with previous health issues & try to raise back to good health, in the end remember you gave it your best, & that's what counts.. Very good to see your not discouraged & want to get another chameleon one day ;) Iam sure you will do great, get your self a nice baby & grow him/she up from a young age, that way you will know your animal will have the best care right from the starting stages of life.. Anyways take care & happy herping :)
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