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My male veiled chameleon just ate a japanese beetle is this fatal?! He's very young, only about 2 1/2 inches long, and I really need to know NOW!

Here's a picture of the beetle:

Hi this bug feeds on plants mainly and seems rather harmless. By the way how did your cham come in contact with the bug?
It got inside my house and I'm assuming snuck into the cage through where I run my air pump. I walked by to look at him and I watched him grab the bug and eat it :eek:

But thanks for saying that, he doesn't seem to be reacting, but the reptile house I talked to said it might kill him :(
since this insects easts mostly flowers check your yard to see what kind of flowers you got growing. then check online to see if they have toxins. the only concern might be the fact the insect has a pretty hard shell which wont digest really well. but i wouldnt worry too much. the insect itself doesnt carry any toxins. good luck!
Thanks again, he seems to be doing fine, I was just worried because the reptile house said they are probably poisionous. I will check on the flowers that I have in my yard though.
the Japanese beetle on its own is not toxic, but read the thread here:
in particular the response from Kinyonga. The eat an enormous selection of plants but if you have roses and/or fruit trees (pear, apple - all in the rose family) these are often their preferred.

However, they do have very spiny legs but it doesn't sound that the cham had any problem getting it down. Keep an eye on his poop (to be sure he does not get impacted) and don't be surprised if you see bits of leg or wings that he simply could not digest and just passed through.

2 1/2"?? How old is this little guy? Chams preferably are not sold any younger than 3 months. Just curious, you said cage - screen? If he is that small you may want to keep in a tank to help maintain humidity. Here's an article that you might find helpful. babycare Also, can you put sealant or a grommet around this area that you think it got in? If a firefly gets in and he eats it then yes, you have a serious problem. But for now he should be OK ;)

don't panic yet :D

from what I have heard and read misting frequently with warm water will induce the need to "poop" for lack of a better word...
Chameleons have been eating insects for thousands of years and they have great instinct. They know what they can eat like a harmless beetle and also the size of the insects.
Dean Pulcini said...."They know what they can eat like a harmless beetle and also the size of the insects"...I have to disagree with you on that..chameleons have been known to ingest fire flies, lady bugs and certain grasshoppers and caterpillars that are toxic to them.

Chameleons may recognize insects from their own wild habitat as being toxic (I'm not sure if that would even be completely true)....but not what we might find in the field or chose to feed them in captivity.

A bit further afield...would a chameleon avoid a wild caught hornworm and then eat a captive raised one? How would the chameleon know if the insect ate a toxic plant before it ate the insect?
"There are however bugs that should not be fed to your chameleon, and here is a list of only what I'm aware of to be dangerous and possibly toxic:
lightning bugs (fireflies)
lady bugs
boxelder bugs
monarch butterflies and caterpillars
grasshoppers with bright red or orange coloration
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