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I was running low on crickets on Saturday (30 crix) so I ordered 1000 more from and they said they would be here here is the problem...curly has been eating like a pig and now i have 5 crickets left...yeah..5..Is there anything I could feed him to keep him OK until thursday..
(Canadian night crawlers, carrots, Greens?All Walmart has)..I need some quick help guys..thanks allot.
Mike C.

Even if you didn't get any more food until Thursday, he won't starve. In the meantime, maybe there is another keeper nearby your location. What part of the world are you located?
Eastern Pennsylvania..closest store is 45 miles away..I dont have a ride over either..I fed him a few pieces of an apple an he seemed to like just to hold him over i will try veggies..any other suggestions?
Not to cure your immediate problem, unless it is warm enough there for you to catch some moths for Curly. In the future, you could farm some of your own insects. Meal worms aren't an ideal everyday feeder, but they work well in a pinch and are easy to raise. Wax worms and roaches are easy too.

if i was you i would be growing superworms so you got something to give him while your waiting for crickets . even 2 a day is enough for a snack.
Its about 30 degrees here now..but I am trying to find some worms around here to buy..He is eating apples now...
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