Big enclosure is finaly in USE !!!!


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OH MAY GAAAAAAAWD!!! The 2nd enclosure of my shed-project is in use!
I postponed it by a week or two to create a double wall in the digging area where I could hide a heating wire in and that seems to warm up nicely which should keep the soil from getting to cold in winter.

Here's the previous topic in case you have nothing better to do :

Here's the lucky inhabitant, she will be allowed to live the rest of her days in this big enclosure that's build to house a tegu in the future:

Adventure Time!!!!

The big tray I bought as a water dish for the tegu but will server as a big feedingcup for the Ackie, we don't want roaches all over the shed now do we?

Tagging @Twitchet because I promised!


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I should think so too!
That is awesome.. what a place for it to live, it’s humongous! That’s truly an amazing environment for her, she’s got to be the luckiest ackie on the planet.
Monumental day and congratulations, you have worked so hard and it’s been worth it!


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LOL what a smile!
And she has a room with a view too!
Such a lot of work, looks so nice lit and filled with substrate and the tree too!
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