Best way to locate Jacksons in Maui?

Discussion in 'Field Observations' started by ChargeBlocks, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Living in maui. I understand jacksons love certain treesand certain elevations. The easiest way to find one would be to stumble accross one crossing the road or roaming a yard, etc.

    But if I am looking in tree and forests, how can I even begin to hope to spot one? Which trees are their favorites? Should I look for movement, their shape, or is there another sign of these masters of disguise?
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    Next time you find one, you have an opportunity to train your eye and mind to see them! Pick it up and move it from one bush to another everytime standing back and letting your mind take it all in! Observe each little movement the chameleon makes! Look at color and shape and movement. Now move it to another bush or tree and do the same. If you have a friend with you, you can look away and cover your ears so you dont hear your friends footsteps and let them put the chameleon somewhere and then turn around and try to find it! (Try not to stress out the chameleon too much. If it looks to be in distress it is time to let it go!)

    Every time you find a chameleon note the elevation. Also look around at the vegitation. Take it all in. Chameleons can be found where their needs are met. Food, water, hiding place and sunshine. Look in areas where there often is morning dew on leaves. Look in trees and shrubs with flowers that can attract insects. Look in trees and shrubs that have leaves that are the same size, shape and color as the chameleon!

    But most of all, have fun and be safe!
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    Thank you for your informative and well written reply! I guess i will have to do some serious eye training...exactly what i feared! I have only found one since I have been here (he was trying to cross a river! I will post the video later)

    When I find more I will document where I find them, the surrounding flora, height, time, etc. I am really hoping to find a veiled chameleon (supposedly they have been found here)

    Thanks again :)
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    There are Veiled chams in Hawaii now? Better book my flight lol, but you supposedly can (I've never tried this) wait for night and use a flashlight to point at bushes and trees, as the chameleons at night are a different color and stand out. If you just look, it will improve your senses and help you be more alert in general.
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    If you do a YouTube search for Jackson's chameleons in Hawaii Maui you will find quite a few places that they are found.
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    From all I have read they are saying "A few veiled found on O'ahu and populations have been found on Maui. It is suspected that "certain enthusiasts" have been releasing them in an attempt to establish them.

    So which of you guys was it??? LOL

    Thank you I will also try the flashlight method.
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    Thank you, will do.
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    wait, i'm confused... i know there are plenty jacksons in the wild on Oahu, but i didn't think there were veileds. so is there both species on any of the islands?

    @ChargeBlocks when i lived on Oahu, i lived on Mt Tantalus and at night when i would be coming home from work i would see guys on their trucks always cruising around shining flashlights on the branches above the road. i later found out they were looking for chams to sell to the local pet shops. so the flashlight method is definitely a tested method. as @CJ's Exotics said, they have their "PJs" on at night so they contrast the leaves. obviously they're sleeping so that wouldn't be fun to observe them at night. idk what your purpose is so this method might not be what works for you. in the day time i've always looked for them on hikes but never had any luck. can't wait to see that video tho!
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    My brother and I found two Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus in one area, Iao Valley, while on vacation visiting family on Maui. We found two Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus, a female and a male. We found an adult female that was about two feet off the ground in a bush. While the adult male was about forty feet off the ground in the top of a tree. That chameleon hunting expedition the Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus seemed to only habitat lush, wet, more mature forest in Maui. Here is a link even though the pictures have been taken down.

    Best Regards
    Jeremy A.Rich
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  13. i lived in hawaii try fruit trees with rotten fruit the chams hang around the fruit because of the abundance of bugs they bring.
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