Behavioural Cues of a Hunger Strike


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Hi All:

So I posted a few days ago that Andrew has not been moving around much. I got the results of his fecal and everything is fine there. He is still not roaming much and he is still ignoring crickets. I have been able to get him to eat supers though so he is eating.

I am trying to not give him too many because I would prefer him eat crickets and supplement with other feeders due to availability issues with other feeders here. But I am concerned he is not eating enough / is hungry. If he were truly hungry, would he be on th ebottom looking for food?

He seems pretty content on the branches he picks and isn't pining around or anything which is why I ask.

Thanks so much.

How old is he?

He will eat when he is hungry. Don't offer any food for a while (safe length depends on age) and then offer crickets and he should readily accept them if he is hungry enough.
Well join the club with the crickets! My chameleon has not eaten crickets in about 5 months now.(he is 13 mos) I just feed him a variety of worms(horns, silks, wax, supers) and he seems to be doing fine. Not saying it is right or wrong, but I just have pretty much given up on the cricket thing. From time to time I will run up to the pet store and buy like 6 and I end up letting them go in the yard cause he just ignores them!
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