Bee Pollen

hey luke,

IF i could find a place near me that sells bee pollen id gladly use it, any idea where to pick some up from Uk?

i get mine from a site called bodykind online a tad expensive tho,you can use it to feed to your crix and you can even breed waxies in it,try it,get a nice container,i use a bit of light fabric and a rubber band to keep the moths in and to allow them to breath,put a thick layer of pollen in the container then some wood shaving on top,in go your moths,leave in a warm dark cupboard and leave alone for a month or two then go have a look and you will have 1000's of babys
Just been searching on the web and found that Holland And Barett Health food shop sells 500g's for a nice price, and thanks to the link above, now have an ideal system for gut loading ur critters for a fate worse than well dinner muhaha ;)

I use bee pollen religiously to feed wax worms as it is one of the very few foods they'll eat. I also use Bodykind as a supplier.
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