bait store vs. pet store crickets


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is there a difference? are bait shop crickets not good for Chameleons. Anyone who knows anything about this please let me know.


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Bait stores probably get their crickets from the same places as pet stores-from cricket farms. I would be careful to make sure the bait store is not keeping them in filthy conditions, but many pet stores keep them in filthy conditions.


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They get them from the same places. Ghann's one of our sponsors started off selling crickets as bait. They still do.


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How long are you gutloading them before you try feeding them off? I'd think if you use the same gutload and let them eat for a day or two, they should be identical to crickets bought anyplace else.


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Have you just the one rep? Just asking because if you have more it might be worthwhile breeding your own, then you'll know the quality of whats going in your Cham :)
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