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My husband bought me a baby westie for my birthday. He was born March 19th. I took him for his 9 weeks shot and found out he has a pda heart mumur. They get these at birth. They can operate but it is very expensive. I took him to another vet today and diagnosed him with the same thing. He said texas A and M small animal clinic would like to look at him. They would not charge as much as a local surgeon. I have gotten very attached to this puppy. His name is Duff. My husband said we will figure out a way to get the surgery done. He is like a part of our family now and gets along very well with the other 2 dogs. The first day I found out I cried every
time I looked at him. Without the surgery he will not live past 6 months. I have never been in this situation where a newly aquired puppy is so sick. The breeder is friend of my husbands and coworker and he does not want to ask for a refund. Thanks for letting me express my feelings.
I heard back from Texas A and M today. They will look at Duff with a refferal from my vet. I feel very confident letting them do the surgery because they are suppose to be one of the best vet schools in the nation. Texas A and M is about 3 hours from our house.
Even if your husband doesn't ask for a refund, he should let the breeder know that your puppy has this condition. What if other puppies of theirs are leaving to new homes with this condition? Is it a genetic disease? Maybe they need to stop breeding your puppy's sire and dam.
Good luck with Duff!
The breeder knows about the problem and she said none of the others have the condition. Strange she said they were all checked about by a vet when they were born. My vet said it is genetice and Duff should not breed. I told him we only purchase our dogs for pets.
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Does the breeder plan to breed her dogs again? Obviously this didn't just pop up with Duff, his parents passed it to him even if the other pups don't have it or aren't showing it yet.
I sure hope they consider retiring them for future puppy's sake :/
Let us know how Duff does with his surgery. :)
Duff had his surgery Wed July 18th and it was successful. I can take him home Friday.The Texas A and M people were so nice . I highly reccomend them if anyone has to have a major medical procedure or surgery for their pet.
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