Baby Veiled too skinny?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Itwas, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Itwas

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    Chameleon Info:

    * Your Chameleon - veiled, male i believe, 8 weeks old i was told and ive had him just over a week

    * Handling - have only handled him around 3 times for a few mins.

    * Feeding - Feeding him baby brown crickets, i was putting around 5-6 in his cage every morning but have been putting a 3 more in later in the day. gutloaded on fresh apple, carrot, lettuce, cabbage and oats.

    * Supplements - I have been dusting with calcium supp every day, i have used a multi vit once this month and havent used a d3 yet but have some to use in around a weeks time.

    * Watering - I have been misting on a morning before turning his lights on with a warm water, also have a dripper which i use for a few hours at a time. I have seen him drinking once or twice off the leaves not the dripper.

    * Fecal Description - small black stool with white uraiate, not tested for parasites

    Cage Info:

    * Cage Type - He was housed in a small glass terrarium with mesh top for a week and is now in his larger wood and mesh viv. 28"wide, 24" deep and 24" high. wooden sides and back with large mesh panel running full height at the back, large mesh panel at top for lights and a mesh front panel.

    * Lighting - reptisun 5 uvb compact, 40w basking bulb both on for 12 hours daily.

    * Temperature - basking temp is around 85, lowest temp is around 60. lowest over night temp is around 50. measured with dual probe digi thermometer.

    * Humidity - humidity is usually between 50 -60 measured with hydrometer.

    * Plants - 1 large ficus, 1 small Madagascar dragon plant, 1 plastic, 1 silk.

    * Placement - quiet corner about 2 foot off the ground in a quiet room. no fans or vents nearby.

    * Location - I am located in the North East of UK

    Current Problem - I am a little concerned that my baby veiled "Doc" is a little on the skinny side. the day after i got him he wouldnt eat but the next day he settled in an eat a few crickets. He has been eating regularly ever since but he seems quite thin. I have been putting in more crickets but he will only eat the ones crawling on branches and leaves and isnt interested in them when they fall on the floor of his cage. I have tried setting up a cup feeder but he hasnt really took to it yet.

    I have attached a pic showing you can see his ribs. Am i being too paranoid and this is normal for a baby or should he be bigger and eating more? any advice welcomed.

  2. CNorton

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    Yes, just keep feeding him and he'll fill out. Seeing the ribs does not mean that he is unhealthy.
  3. DeviousMike

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    I believe if you see both bones in his arm that he may be on the skinny side. But if he's eating regularly, he'll beef up and the problem will resolve itself

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