Baby Oustalet "Squirt"

Got an AMAZING deal on this little one and his entire setup. I still dont know the age or the sex :/
I do know he is captive bred. He/she really caught my eye. It was showing bright reds, while the others were just a regular color. Instant connection, drank well but didn't eat too much. I've had him/her for a day already and have grown quite fond. And sometimes throughout the day, he'll have a bright green under its chin. Heres a pic, let me know what you guys think :)

LLL booth. I was thinking about it the whole show. I finally decided to go with it. I was gonna ask you for one when I saw your classified ad, but unfortunately I didnt have the money for shipping :/
Im posting another picture, idk how much better it will be.

Thanks laurie! :)
Tiny Tim and Delilah (reptomans) are coming along amazingly! Tiny Tim was a late bloomer but his colors are coming in :)
Here is a sleeping pic, its awefully blurry. His/or her reds really came out.
Last one I promise. lol

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