Baby color question.


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Hello all,

Is there a certain way to know what an adult Cham will look like based on coloration as a baby or is it solely based on the sire. As I have posted before this weekend I will be getting a new Cham I want primarily red and just wondering if any breeders out there or someone with a lot of chams could help me out.

Very hard to tell with Panthers. I think someone posted a growth progression with pictures here at the forum. And their colors just keep changing. I have a 5 month old Panther myself from a red bar sire. My little guy was showing a lot of potential for being a red bar at first but is now starting to show hints of blue. If I find that color progression blog I'll post it back here.
Thank u very much that's very helpful. I was thinking that would be the answer my hybrid I have now has change colors so many times. I shall hope the odds are in my favor.

Thanks again
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